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Friends want to stick to HOW rather than WHAT.
We are a culture-driven organization.
​All members are strongly committed to cultivating friends culture.

Purpose/what we want to be, meaning of existence

The world should be a better place through cross-cultural x mutual contribution
People with different cultures work together to update society

Demonstrate leadership for this purpose. That's the purpose of Friends.

​Vision/The world we want to achieve

A society that continues to evolve through different cultures and mutual contributions

Business Mission

Utilize IT & digital to revitalize the economy through cross-border business

​Company Name


Head office location

THE E.A.S.T. 7F, 9-4 Nihonbashi Tomizawa-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Date of establishment

August 5, 2021

​Capital (including reserves)



Mizuki Yasuda, CEO

Osamu Asahina, CTO

Business content

Translation team Chat app service planning, development and operation

Planning, development and operation of Japanese friend service for foreigners

Lab-type offshore development support service

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